Weimaraner Dog Pet Care

 Dog pet care is like taking care of a newly adopted baby.  You have responsibilities and will have to learn how to care for your Weimaraner.

The rewards of having a dog are great! However, there are a few things that you’ll need to do, in order to insure that you have a good relationship with your well-behaved dog…

What’s Involved in Dog Pet Care?

Feeding and exercising your dog are just two of the many responsibilities that you will have with your Weimaraner dog.  But, just because they are duties, it does not mean that you won’t have fun!

Dog pet care is actually lots of fun!  You just have to remember that your dog is your friend, and is not imposing on you.  She simply wants to spend quality time with you…

Good Weimaraner dog pet care insures a healthy dog like this cute Weimaraner.

Your dog will be healthier and happier if you pay attention to her needs.

Physical Dog Pet Care

Your dog is completely dependent on you for a number of things.

    • Feeding a dog is easy, but you need to do it routinely. You’ll also need to decide on a dog diet for your Weimaraner. What kind of treats will you feed her? Will you buy them or make them? You’ll find a number of good dog treat recipes at Best Dog Treat Recipes.
    • Grooming your dog – Weimaraners don’t need a lot of prissy dog grooming care, but you will need to give them some attention. After a romp in the woods or fields, they will need to be checked for ticks, brushed and perhaps, bathed.
    • Dog exercising – Agility exercises are great fun for both of you, but your Weimaraner will need to walk or run, everyday.
    • Toys – While they may seem like they are just for fun, dog toys do serve a purpose. They exercise your Weimaraner’s jaws and help clean his teeth. They provide amusement for a bored dog. And they can get your dog running when you play together.

Routine Pet Care

There are some things that we do routinely to take care of our dogs.

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Emergency Weimaraner Dog Pet Care

Keeping your dog safe during emergencies is your responsibility.  These articles will help you get prepared…

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Your Dog’s Emotional Care

Just like you, your Weimaraner has emotions. Dogs feel happy or sad, and they even grieve when they lose a family member, pet or human.

Weimaraners are particularly prone to having separation anxiety. They love to be part of the action, and they miss you when you are gone. You’ll need to spend some quality time each day with your new dog.

You can use play time to do some training, and it will be fun for both of you. Running and playing can also help your dog “let off steam” and get rid of extra pent-up energy and aggression.

Social Dog Pet Care

Your Weimaraner dog will need help with learning good manners for interacting with children, adults and other dogs and cats.

Socializing a puppy is easy and fun. You’ll need to take your Weimaraner dog with you to social occasions and public places.

Practice good manners with your dog, and correct your dog gently when she is a bit rude.

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Communicating with Your Weimaraner

You talk to you dog and you give him commands when you want him to do something. But did you know that your dog has ways of communicating with you? It’s important that you learn how to read your dog’s communication signals.

Your dog’s tail wagging can indicate friendliness, fear or aggression. If you observe what your dog does with his tail on different occasions, you’ll learn what he is saying.

Your dog may look at you in a certain way when she wants or needs something. My dog Skipper lets us know when meal time is close or she want to go outside, simply by staring at us with that certain look…

And dogs also communicate with their ears and their hair, in addition to having different barks when they want to tell you something.

Weimaraner Training is an Important Part of Dog Pet Care

Weimaraners will need training for a number of occasions. In addition to learning good manners, they need obedience training.

This is not simply to show your dog that you are in charge. It’s for his safety. If he gets into harm’s way, you need to be confident that he will obey you automatically. It could save his life one day.

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Responsibility for Your Dog’s Health

Your dog can’t tell you when he is not feeling well. You will need to know the signs that he is under the weather or hurt.

And, while we don’t usually pay much attention to the possibility of natural disasters, they do happen. If you have ever been in a hurricane, tornado or experienced an earthquake, you know that you may not have a lot of time to react.

Have a plan in place for emergencies and know what you will do if you get separated from your dog.