Dog Crate Furniture

Top of the line dog crate furniture is what dog owners purchase, when their puppy is housebroken and they are tired of looking at the ugly metal dog crate sitting in their living room!

There comes a time in every puppy owner’s life when we just prefer not to clean around that stark metal cage, and we are ready to move on to something more attractive!

Sure, it was fine when your puppy was little and learning to toilet outside.  A metal dog crate was definitely worth having, because it kept your house clean and your puppy safe.

Dog crate furniture

A furniture dog crate is a great way to include your dog in family activities.

But now you’re ready to get rid of it. Or at least store it in the garage until you need it for other purposes.

But the problem is that you still need a quiet place for your Weimaraner to go when she wants to chill out and take a rest.  Or a safe place to put her when you need to go out to run an errand or you get company that doesn’t like dogs.

What’s the solution?

Furniture Grade Dog Crates

Fortunately someone out there understands our plight!  We can now purchase dog crates that also serve as furniture in our living areas. Made by furniture companies, they are nicely finished, not rough and poorly constructed.

You have your choice of:

  • End tables
  • Night tables – the same as end tables, but in the bedroom
  • Credenzas
  • Coffee tables

And there are a number of finishes and colors available, so you should be able to find something that works reasonably well with your decor.

Is Dog Crate Furniture for You?

Dog crate furniture is certainly more attractive than your dog’s metal dog crate.  And, it takes less space.

Remove the metal crate from your room and replace it with a piece of furniture, and your room looks more spacious again.  The furniture serves a double purpose and your puppy now has a permanent place to hang out, near you.

But, don’t consider getting a furniture dog crate too soon.  Your puppy needs to be potty trained, as you certainly don’t want to risk his soiling a beautiful piece of furniture!  Urine odor and bacteria are very difficult to remove from wood.

And, if you have a chewer, you’ll need to curb that bad habit before you buy a wooden crate.  Dog crate furniture, by its very nature is simply not chew-proof.

Keep in mind that dog furniture has a specific purpose and can’t be used like a metal dog crate.  It is not collapsible and can’t go with you when you travel.

Dog Crate End Table or Night Stand

These pieces are inter-changable, depending on where you place them. Your dog will need a medium or large size, depending on the sizing of the piece.

As an adult, your dog should be able to sit in her crate, stand in her crate and lie down comfortably.

Keep in mind that an end table will probably be a bit small for a full grown male  Weimaraner.  Your dog should not be confined in one for long periods of time, with the door closed.

Some dog crates are made of rubber wood and can be used outdoors, as well as indoors.  And some are made of a plastic that looks like wood.

Look for:

  • Secure latches, for when you have to leave her in her crate
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy construction
  • A removable tray, just in case your dog has an accident
  • Door opening in a convenient location (This depends on where you will put the crate in your room.)

These end table dog crates are large enough for most female Weimaraner dogs:

Primetime Petz End Table
Primetime Petz
End Table
ecoFLEX Crate End Table
ecoFLEX Crate
End Table
Flint Side Aside Dog Crate
Flint Side Aside
Dog Crate
Bessie Crown Pet Crate
Bessie Crown
Pet Crate
Bertie Deluxe Pet Crate
Bertie Deluxe
Pet Crate
Ines Handmade Pet Crate
Ines Handmade
Pet Crate

Credenza Dog Crates

Especially if you have a large male Weimaraner, you might want to consider a credenza style dog crate.

A credenza does take up more space than an end table, but it also gives your Weimaraner dog a lot more room to move around.

This is a good choice if you will have to leave your dog in the crate for longer periods of time.

Arthur Single Credenza Crate
Arthur Single Credenza Crate
Massie Credenza Pet Crate
Massie Credenza
Pet Crate
Arthur Corner Credenza Dog Crate
Arthur Corner
Credenza Crate
Arthur Double Credenza Pet Crate
Arthur Double
Credenza Crate


Coffee Table Bed

While this is not actually a dog crate, it is a nice way to give your dog a place to lie down, while keeping him close to his Pack.

Coffee Table Dog Bed
Coffee Table
Dog Bed

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