Travel with Dog

Travel with dog, is now easier than you thought!  Not only are motels more pet friendly, but there are also some great products on the market to make your vacation stress free.

Purchasing just a few dog travel products can make your vacation a safe and fun-filled experience for your Weimaraner and for your family.

And, more and more you will find dog friendly bed and breakfasts, motels and hotels that are willing to work with you to assure that you have a great vacation—with your dog!

So do your homework ahead of time so that you locate the dog friendly lodging, and make a few purchases so that you can travel light.  But do make sure that you have all the dog supplies that you’ll need to guarantee that your dog will be safe and happy…

Travel with dog is easy with a padded portable bed like this Weimaraner's.

Your Weimaraner dog will be more comfortable when traveling,
if she has a portable bed.

A good dog travel bed should be portable and comfortable.

Preparing to Travel with Your Dog

Travel with dogs, just like travel with kids, can become a major nightmare—if you take every toy your dog owns, his crate and dog bed and every other piece of dog equipment you have.

The secret to having a good vacation with your pet is to travel light and travel smart,  A dog friendly vacation can be lots of fun.  It just takes some planning and preparation…

  • Dog Friendly Lodging – If your hotel or motel is dog friendly, what exactly does that mean…
  • Pet Emergency Evacuation Plans – While it might seem remote, you could travel to an area that is hit by a natural disaster.  Make sure you know how you would handle your Weimaraner’s care.  What would you do if you became separated from him?
  • Pet Hurricane Preparedness Kit – A natural disaster can occur, unexpectedly, anywhere. If you have an emergency preparedness kit for your dog, you can quickly evacuate, and you won’t have to leave him behind…
  • Dog Friendly Crate – In many cases you won’t need to take your dog’s crate. However, for some forms of dog travel, a collapsible dog crate comes in handy…
  • Large Dog Air Travel Crate – Many people are now purchasing a spot on the airplane, with them. A Weimaraner won’t fit under the airplane seat or do well on your lap. What are your options for airline travel with your dog…
  • Dog Car Travel – Nobody expects to stop quickly or be in an accident.  But, if you need to put on the brakes, a dog safety harness will protect your dog from harm.
  • Dog Anxiety – It’s a fact of life. Some dogs do get nervous about travelling, and that doesn’t make traveling with your dog a lot of fun! Using a product like this natural anxiety reliever can give your dog (and you) some relief.  By the way, it also works for separation anxiety, a common problem with Weimaraners!

While a Weimaraner is a large dog, it is still possible to travel with your dog and have a great dog friendly vacation together.

It just takes a little research, planning and preparation for you to travel with dog. And, of course, knowing ahead of time that your Weim will be welcome—will add to your comfort level…

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