New Weimaraner Puppy

Your new puppy  will need your love and attention and her care will take a little time and effort.  But it will be worth every minute!

Weimaraners are relatively easy to care for, even though they happily romp through mud and water, coming home ready for a much needed bath .

And, even though you’ll need to bathe your new puppy more often than a little lap dog, being outside having fun together is why you chose a Weimaraner!

New Weimaraner puppy with her comfort blanket

Your new Weimaraner puppy will be a great companion, both outdoors and inside. Weimaraners love to be with their people.

The thrill of getting a new puppy is sometimes dampened when you get your puppy home.  Panic sets in as you wonder what to do next.

Taking care of a new puppy is lots of fun, but it can also be lots of work in the beginning!  But, once you get the hang of it, you’ll bond with your new puppy and enjoy many good times together.

Below you will find:

  • Basics of Weimaraner Puppy Care
  • A Place to Sleep
  • Feeding Your New Puppy
  • Training Your New Puppy
  • Your Weimaraner’s Health and Safety
  • Grooming Weimaraner Puppies
  • Potty Training your New Weimaraner Puppy
  • Routine Puppy Care

Basics of Weimaraner Puppy Care

Just as getting ready for a new baby takes some thought and planning, getting ready for your new puppy will require some preparation as well .

Your new puppy will experience stress at leaving his mother and brothers and sisters. And everything in his new home, your home, will be strange and different.

If you take the time to help your new Weimaraner puppy adjust to his new surroundings and to your family, the adjustment for all of you will be easier.

Think of bringing home a new puppy as being similar to bringing home a new baby. You’ll need to have puppy supplies on hand before you bring your new Weimaraner puppy home.

And you’ll need to know how you will handle your new little puppy. You’ll need to set up a schedule and decide where you will allow your puppy to go.  That includes such simple things as:

  • Where your puppy will spend most of her time when she first comes home
  • Areas that she cannot go (certain rooms, furniture, etc.)
  • When she will be fed
  • Who will take charge of her potty training
  • Where she will sleep
 Bringing Home a New Puppy
Bringing Home
New Puppy
 New Puppy Checklist
New Puppy
 Best Age for New Puppy
Best Age for
New Puppy

As a new Bichon Frise puppy owner, you will have some responsibilities.  Here are some of the things that will will need to address:

A Place to Sleep

Initially, while you are housebreaking your puppy,  you may have him sleep in his metal dog crate.

However, as he gets older, you may want to have a comfortable bed or a furniture dog crate, near your family’s activities, for your puppy to use during daylight hours.

 Dog Crate Furniture
Dog Crate
 Large Dog Crates
Dog Crates

Feeding Your Puppy

You’ll need to decide on a good dog food and diet for your dog, and put him on a regular dog feeding schedule. Many people simply choose to continue using the dog food that their puppy ate at the breeders’.

You will also need to choose safe and appropriate dog bowls for your puppy.  Plan to purchase these before you get your puppy, so you will have them when she arrives.

 Puppy Feeding Schedule
Puppy Feeding
 Puppy Food Bowls
Food Bowls

Training Your New Puppy

Part of your pet parent responsibility is training.  A well behaved Weimaraner dog with good manners, is loved by everyone.  And fun to be with.

In addition, when your dog is well trained, you can take her anywhere.  Taking your dog with you, gives you more opportunities to travel and to enjoy more events and activities.

When your puppy is still very young, you will need to socialize him so that he will be comfortable with people and with other dogs.

And you will need to start early to teach your dog basic obedience.  This is for his safety, in addition to helping him have good manners.

The system used by Doggy Dan is gentle and loving, and it works very well with even the most stubborn Weimaraner puppies!  I recommend giving it a try.  You can access well over 100 dog training videos for 3 days, for just $1.

Doggy Dan Video Training
Doggy Dan
Video Training
 Socializing a Puppy
a Puppy
 Puppy Dog Training
Puppy Dog

Your Puppy’s Health and Safety

When the weather gets too hot or too cold for your puppy, you’ll need to help him out.  You may have to provide a way to keep him comfortable.

To keep your puppy safe, you may have to consider fencing.

And even the healthiest puppy can eat something bad for him or get sick once in awhile…

 Puppy Vomiting
 Puppy Diarrhea
 Puppy Worms

Grooming a Weinheimer Puppy

You will need to groom or brush your Weimaraner puppy regularly to remove burrs and dirt from his coat.  Do this when you return from an outing or a run.

Brushing and handling your new puppy helps you bond with her.  And puppies love the attention!

Because Weimaraners sometimes have trouble with their teeth and gums, you’ll also need to brush your dog’s teeth and consider using one of the gel or spray products that help keep plaque to a minimum.

In addition, keep your dog’s nails trimmed and her ears clean and free from hair.

 Grooming Your Weimaraner Puppy
Grooming Your

Potty Training Your New Weimaraner Puppy

For most of us, housebreaking our new puppy is high on the list of new puppy goals.

The sooner your puppy is potty trained, the more normal your life will become again!

 Rules of Crate Training
Training Rules
 Housebreaking Puppy
 Crate Training Benefits
Crate Training

Routine Puppy Care

Some things are just routine and all dog owners do these things.  Your puppy will go through teething and other puppy stages as she matures.

 Weimaraner Dog Teething
Dog Teething

But don’t forget that you’ll want to spend some special fun time with your new puppy.  You can even provide him with little toys like stuffed animals.

So, if you are very busy and will not have much time to spend with your dog, a Weimaraner may not be the dog for you.

On the other hand, if you can spend some quality time each day with your Weimaraner puppy, you will be rewarded by the companionship of a true friend, who really loves you!

Weimaraner puppies

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