Puppy Dog Training

Puppy dog training starts the minute you bring your puppy home and reinforcement of that early dog training continues throughout your Weimaraner’s lifetime.

Whether you like it or not, you became a dog trainer the minute you went to get your new puppy or dog.  The only way you will have a well behaved family dog or a responsive and obedient hunting dog, is to train your dog!

Prepare your family for your new arrival.  You’ll need to decide what rules you will have for your dog.  And everyone will need to be consistent.

To make that work for you, the Doggie Dan training system lays out some basic keys for your success.

Successful Puppy Dog Training

Whether you are training your dog for basic obedience or you are training him for hunting, there are a few secrets to success.  When you follow these rules, you will end up with an obedient dog and a wonderful bond with him.

Weimaraner puppy dog training starts early

Puppy dog training for your Weimaraner
should start as soon as you get her!

Win Your Dog’s Mind

Most important, keep in mind that your dog is not a person.  He is a canine, a decendent from wolves.

Your dog understands his world differently than you do.  Gestures and body language are more important than words to a puppy or dog.

In fact, there are four events in the wolf pack that extremely important to the pack.  These events determine who is in charge and how the others follow the leader’s commands or wishes.  Simply by altering the way you act during these events, will put you in charge and your puppy or dog in the submissive or obedient position.

These important events are:  leaving the house, coming home, food or feeding time, and reaction to danger.

There is symbolic meaning to each of these events for your dog.  Of course, you probably interpret these events differently.  Let’s look at how your dog sees things…

A Dog and His Food

Weimaraner eating dog food in a bowl.

The alpha dog always eats first and she eats until she is satisfied.

In a dog’s world, the alpha always eats first.  He eats as much as he wants, and then the others are permitted to eat.  It may seem mean to you, but you (as the Top Dog) should eat before your dog.

Your dog won’t mind.  Your eating first reassures him that you are in charge, relieving him of having to lead the Pack.

To establish that you are in charge of the food, you can gesture eat (pretend to eat some of your dog’s food) before you set it down.  Your dog should “wait” patiently until you tell her that it’s OK to eat.

Remove your dog’s bowl as soon as she is finished eating.

Model Calm During Danger

When dangerous things occur, like the UPS man’s delivery, the mail man’s appearance or a loud thunderstorm, you need to show your dog that you are calm and not afraid.

In your dog’s world, the leader decides when things are scary and dangerous and the Pack leader takes care of things.  The alpha makes it safe for everyone else.

Off for the Hunt – Leaving the House

Wolves leave the den to hunt.  Your dog perceives leaving the house as the beginning of an adventure or, in dog thinking, a “hunt”.  It’s exciting to him, whether you will be taking a walk, going hunting or riding in the car.

The alpha wolf always leaves the den first.  This is the most courageous wolf and the decision maker. The leader makes sure that it is safe to leave the den.  Then the others follow.

As the Pack leader, you should always leave the house first.  Always tell your dog to wait while you exit.  Then tell him it’s OK to follow.

Returning Home

Returning home from the “hunt” gives us another ritual.  The Pack is reunited and the alpha reasserts his dominance.  Hunting is a dangerous activity, and the alpha has kept pack members safe.  But he needs to have personal space to reassure everyone that he is still in charge.

Weimaraner dog waiting for school bus

Dogs want to make sure that the alpha is safe and still in charge.

As the alpha, you need to simply ignore all the fuss when you return home.  This means that you ignore the barking, the presentation of toys, the jumping (simply push your dog down without saying anything or eye contact), and the whining.

A wolf or dog gives you this greeting to reassure himself that you are OK (uninjured) after the “hunt” or your absence.  And your dog wants to make sure that you are still in charge.  It’s all instinct!

To reassure your dog that all is well, simply ignore him until he calms down and wanders off to lie down somewhere.  This establishes your dominance and signals that your dog understands that everything is under control.  He can now relax and lie down.

By the way, all members of your household are above your dog in status!

What Do These Rituals Have to Do with Dog Training?

While you may be thinking that this is all silliness, your dog does not.  Dogs and wolves are constantly making sure that they know the pecking order and what their position is, in the order.

The alpha has important responsibilities, so if your dog perceives himself as the alpha, he needs to protect the pack and make decisions.

If your dog is not in the alpha position (because you are), she can relax and simply do what the leader wants her to do.

Make Dog Training Easy and Effective

For most families, the first training sessions will center around house training your puppy.  But there is more to puppy dog training than just getting your new dog house trained!

Watch this video to get a feel for the Doggie Dan system of dog and puppy training.  You can click below to get free access to online training videos that will help you get started training your dog.

This is an amazing system.  I watch Doggie Dan’s videos frequently, and I am constantly learning more and more about dog training.  Get  access to over 100 of Dan’s online training videos and website now for just $1.

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The important things to remember when training a puppy are that YOU are in charge, and you need to be consistent in your training—and practice frequently!