Weimaraner Dogs

Weimaraner dogs are a special breed of dog that works well with hunters but also makes a perfect dog for families with children.

But Weimaraners do have special breed characteristics that make them suitable for some people, and not for others.

Are you are considering doing a Weimaraner rescue adoption or buying a Weimaraner dog?  It’s important that you and your family consider some important issues, first…

Only then will you know if the Weimaraner breed is right for you.

Weimaraner dogs are a special breed

Weimaraner dogs have a number of characteristics
that make them compatible with hunters and outdoor types.

More About Weimaraner Dogs…

The Weimaraner breed is energetic, lovable and intelligent.  And they are not little lap dogs, although some Weimaraners seem to think that they are…

Here are some things for you to consider:

Weimaraner dog breed characteristics and temperament are important if you have children.
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Weimaraner temperament is sociable and loyal
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Choose the Right
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Weimaraner Dog Personalities

Although Weimaraner dogs are incredibly intelligent and loving, they can also be a handful!

For the Weimaraner, life is an adventure!  Play and socialization with other dogs, as well as people, is very important to the happiness of all Weimaraners—and their owners!

As far as dog breeds go, Weimaraner dogs are well suited for people that have a lot of time and patience. And for people who are sportsmen, hunters and athletic.

Training a Weimaraner puppy can be frustrating because they can be stubborn. But if you learn how to communicate with them in a way they can understand, Weimaraner puppies learn very quickly!

Weimaraner Maintenance

Aside from frequent and vigorous walks and exercise, Weimaraners do not need a lot of grooming and attention.  With their short hair, simple brushing from time to time will keep things in order.

Of course shedding can be an issue, and you will have to vacuum shed hair fairly often.

As far as health goes, Weimaraners are pretty healthy, with only a few health problems that are common to the breed.