Weimaraner Hunting Dogs

Weimaraner Hunting Dogs for Large and Small Game

Weimaraner hunting dogs are good companions and make great family dogs, in addition to being skillful small and large game hunters. They have natural inbred instincts for hunting large game, can be easily taught to hunt small game, and they will love and protect your family members.

Weimaraners need to be part of your household.  Unlike some hunting dog breeds, they will not thrive if they are stuck outside in a pen. Weimaraners are very sensitive to being away from you, and they are noted for their tendency to develop separation anxiety. They need to be an integral part of their “pack”, which happens to be your family.

If you are looking for a dog for small game, Weinheimers work well for fox hunting or rabbit hunting and they are great bird hunting dogs, as well.

Weimaraner hunting dog, pointing into the weeds

Weimaraner hunting dogs have adapted to small game and bird hunting.

Weimaraner hunting dogs have distinctive traits and aptitudes that you should understand, before investing in a puppy.  Weimaraners are high energy dogs that require daily exercise, and they will need to start training when they are very young.  Weimaraner hunting dogs are willful and strong, and a regular routine will help you reinforce training skills.

Your Weimaraner will reward you with loyalty and sharp hunting skills, in addition to being your Best Friend–whether hunting or enjoying a beer, while watching a game on T.V.

Weimaraner hunting dogs' names should fit the dog.
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Hunting dog breeds like this Weimaraner love to be outside in all kinds of weather.
Weimaraners and Vizslas are hunting dog breeds that have adapted well to hunting small game, and they are also great family pets…

Hunting dog collars improve hunting success.
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Hunting dog vest on Weimaraner
A well-chosen hunting dog vest will keep your dog visible when hunting and protect him from weather extremes and

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Weimaraner in water while bird hunting
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Training hunting dogs is most effective in the field.
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