Hunting Dog Names

Hunting dog names should reflect the personality and character of your hunting dog, in addition to showing the strength and energy of the breed.  In this case, the Weimaraner.

In addition, Weimaraner dog names should reflect the elegance and aristocratic stance of this breed, in addition to the hunting features.

Look at a Weinheimer. This is not a canine that you can name “Peewee” or “Snookins”. There is a distinct sleekness to these dogs, and weighing in at between 50 and 90 pounds, you need dog names and meanings that fit the dog’s size and personality.  Dogs that hunt often have strong masculine hunting dog names.

Hunting dog names should describe your dog

Hunting dog names should be short and distinctive, so you can give your dog commands easily, when in the field.

The official registered name that you give to your puppy will be limited to three or four words, with a specified number of letters. It often includes an outstanding dog’s name from his ancestry.

Many hunters like to include their dog’s call name in the official name that is registered.

Your Weimaraner’s call name should be short, snappy and commanding in tone.  It should not sound like one of the commands that you will use with her.  Her name should be easy to say quickly, and not a name that you would stumble over.

Mythological Hunting Dog Names

If you read mythological stories, you will find names that suit the princely Weimaraner.

Among the mythological gods in literature, there are strong names like Apollo and Zeus for male dogs or Athena and Kali for females.

Digging a little further you can find gods whose domain was hunting like Woden (Anglo-Saxon), Nodens (Celtic god of dogs and hunting), and Orion (Greek).

For goddesses potential options include Neith (Egypt), Artemis (Greece), and Diana (Rome).

In Norse/Germanic lore you have other possibilities like Tyr (the lawgiver), Freya (Queen of the Valkyries), Heimdal l (guardian of the Rainbow bridge), and Nanna (the goddess of joy).

German Dog Names And Their Meanings

Since Weimaraner Dogs come from Germany, you could begin your search for hunting dog names using a list of German-origin names.

Here are just a few:

  • Ada – means “kind”
  • Adelaide – means “dignified”
  • Bertille – means “clever”
  • Coen – means “advisor”
  • Ernestine – means “earnest”
  • Geoffreyv – means “God’s peace”
  • Heidi – means “noble one”
  • Jaegr – means “huntsman”
  • Liam – means “safety”
  • Millie – means “labor or work”
  • Wilda – means “strive”
  • Zsigmond – means “protector”

Names for Hunting Dogs Based on Personality

Weimaraner hunting dogs have high intelligence, endless energy and lots of personality. Keeping these things in mind, you should come up with a few ideas for hunting dog names.

However, no matter how cute and cuddly your Weimaraner is right now, she will grow into a large and stately adult dog. Keep that in mind when you choose her name. Look for names that not only describe your dog now, but one that he or she will grow into.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Badger suits a pup with excellent burrowing skills.
  • Bruiser fits a dog that’s large and a bit headstrong.
  • For a female dog there are names like Brianna, meaning woman of strength or Melinda meaning gentle.

Hunting Dog Names Based on Color

Weimaraners are known by their nickname, gray ghost . The nickname comes from the Weimaraner’s silver gray, sleek fur and its ghostly light colored eyes. And of course there are Blue Weimaraners, with their blue-black coats.

You might consider some dog names, based on the color of your Weim.

  • For example the name Gerzelda means gray battle maiden in German!
  • Shadow, storm and chrome are three other examples that tie to the dog’s coloration.

Your Search for the Perfect Name for Your Hunting Dog

There are many other ways to find potential hunting dog names. If you haven’t found the perfect name for your dog, using the above thoughts, here are some more ideas:

  • Favorite actors or actresses
  • Favorite characters in books or movies (As a child, I always loved the book, Heidi)
  • Historical figures that you have always admired
  • Baby name books actually make a fantastic resource for finding pet names. They usually include the meanings of the names too, making it much easier to narrow down a list.

No matter how you go about this, don’t rush this decision. You’ll be using your puppy’s name for years, so make sure you think it fits your dog and you like his name.

As you get to know your puppy better, you’ll know his personality, and soon, the right name will become apparent to you!

Learn more about Weimaraners in this Free mini course on Weimarners.

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