Blue Weimaraner

Controversial and Beautiful Blues

The Blue Weimaraner, a beautiful aristocratic dog, has been the center of controversy in the Sporting class world of the American Kennel Club since the mid 1940s.

Is the Weimaraner coat color an indicator of inferiority?  Or this just another superb form of a majestic dog breed?  Most Weimaraner owners have a definite opinion…

The first known blue Weimaraner was named Cesar von Gaiberg (aka “Tell”). Tell was born in Germany in 1947, and he was later imported into America. He soon became the center of the controversy surrounding his bluish coat.

The Weimaraner coat color referred to as “blue” is not really blue.  It’s actually a dark charcoal gray, sometimes with hints of bluish tones. The Blue Weimaraner has a coat that is very similar to the blue-black coat of a Great Dane.

Blue Weimaraner, the subject of controversy

As beautiful as they are, Blue Weimaraners are still
considered by some people to be inbred and inferior.

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Here’s what the controversy is about…Some people regard the Blue Weimaraner coat color as a rarity.  Others are sure that this particular Weinheimer coat color is a result of severe inbreeding.

Blue Weimaraner Banned from AKC Shows

Regardless of anyone’s opinion, the AKC (American Kennel Club) has officially deemed a distinctly blue or black coat to be a disqualification.

And, in addition, the WCA (Weimaraner Club of America) considers the breeding of Blue Weimaraners to be unethical.

However a blue weimaraner can be registered with the AKC and is considered to be a purebred, as long as the puppy’s parents were AKC-registered.

A blue Weim is allowed to enter any American Kennel Club event.  However, it really isn’t competing—because it will be disqualified because of its coat color.

Where Did the Blue Weimaraner Come From?

There are 3 different theories of how the blue coat color came to be:

  • Mix of a Doberman and a Weimaraner
  • Genetic mutation from severe inbreeding
  • Blue Weimaraner puppies always existed

Regardless of which theory you subscribe to, it’s safe to say that a Blue is just as good as a Gray or Silver Weimaraner.  Especially if you are looking for a family pet.

There is no evidence to support the theory that a Blue is more sickly just because of its Weimaraner coat color.

Is a Blue Weimaraner for You?

Thinking about getting a blue Weimaraner?  Throw the controversy out the window. I’m assuming you have already done your research to determine that the Weimaraner breed is right for your.

And maybe you’re just fond of the way the Blue coat looks. Many people are.

I’ve considered getting one myself (although I chose to stick with the Silver).  But I understand why you are interested in this particular Weimaraner coat color. They really are beautiful, no matter what color you choose.

At any rate, a Weimaraner is a Weimaraner. And coat color should not determine the value that a Weimaraner has, as a pet and companion.

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