Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

How to Know if Your Weimaraner is Pregnant

Dog pregnancy symptoms can catch you unaware, if you are not intending to breed your dog. Knowing the symptoms will help you decide if your dog is pregnant, or if something else is going on…

It is important that you know how to tell if your dog is pregnant, if she has not been spayed.

Accidents do happen, and if your female dog has been around male dogs at the right time, she could surprise you with a litter of unexpected puppies.

If you haven’t had your female dog spayed, then pregnancy is always a possibility. And even if you know what dog pregnancy symptoms look like, it isn’t always easy to tell when your dog is pregnant.

Gestation for dogs is about 9 weeks, much shorter than it is in humans. And often the obvious symptoms of dog pregnancy don’t show up until about 4 or 5 weeks.

With dog pregnancy symptoms, your dog will need special care.

Knowing the signs of dog pregnancy will
help you give your Weimaraner the care she needs.

Most female dogs come into heat about every 6 or 7 months.  You should keep track of your dog’s heat cycle, so you know when to expect the next one.

The average length of pregnancy in a dog is 63 days.  And most dogs have 6-10 puppies.

Symptoms of Dog Pregnancy

Many dogs don’t even physically appear to be pregnant until late in the pregnancy. So you can’t always know if she is pregnant, based on her physical appearance.

Every Weimaraner dog is different, and they will not all have the same symptoms when they are pregnant.  However, if your dog has several of the following dog pregnancy symptoms, you should probably have her checked out by your veterinarian or get a pregnancy kit to do it yourself.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Changes in Appetite
    During the first few weeks she may lose her appetite appetite. Farther into the pregnancy she will be hungrier than usual and will require more food than normal to sustain her puppies.
  • Lethargy
    Changes in hormone levels may lead to a decrease in energy. She’ll be resting more often than usual.
  • Changes in Behavior
    She may be more affectionate than usual. On the flip side, she may prefer to be left alone.
  • Vaginal Discharge
    About one month after mating occurs there may be signs of vaginal discharge. If it develops a foul smell or dark color see your Vet.  It could mean that there is a problem with the pregnancy.
  • Weight Gain
    About one month into a pregnancy, your dog should start to gain weight.
  • Slightly Larger and Firmer Abdomen
    Mid-pregnancy you should notice that her abdomen is larger and firmer due to the growing pups.
  • Larger Nipples
    As they prepare for lactation, your dog’s nipples will increase in size. This is probably the most obvious of the dog pregnancy symptoms.
  • Nesting Behavior
    As she gets closer to the whelping date, she may exhibit her mothering instincts. Have a whelping box prepared with old blankets or towels.
  • Decreased Temperature
    Normal rectal temperature ranges from 100.5 to 102.0 degrees Fahrenheit. Approximately 24 hours before labor begins, your dog’s temperature will decrease to 97-99 degrees Fahrenheit. How can you tell? Use a digital thermometer for pets. This one from Amazon is fast and accurate.  Not as difficult to use as some of them are.

If Your Dog is Pregnant

Pregnancy is a normal condition, but it still is important to give your dog good prenatal care.

First, you’ll need to determine if your dog really is pregnant.  You may have to visit your dog’s vet to do this.

When you have determined that your dog is pregnant, it is important to make sure that she is getting all the nutrients that she needs.  She will need a high quality dog food and a good quality dog prenatal vitamin.

You should also consider purchasing a whelping kit so that you have everything you need for the big event.

Last, you might want to consider getting an inexpensive nursing kit, just in case you need to hand feed your dog’s puppies.

And, when the puppies arrive, you’ll want to have a set of whelping collars in different colors so that you can keep track of the cute little guys.

False Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

False pregnancies can occur after your dog’s heat cycle, regardless of whether or not the she has mated.

Your dog will experience physical and psychological changes that mimic pregnancy, although she is not actually pregnant.

Generally there are no serious or long-term effects from a false pregnancy, although some females experience this with each heat.

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