Dog Dental Treats

Treat Your Dog to Healthier Gums and Teeth!

Dog dental treats provide a fun chewing activity for your dog, and they also help to keep her teeth and gums healthy and strong.

But dog dental treats and good dog dental care do more than just keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

Studies have proven that there is a connection between periodontal disease and heart disease, in both humans and dogs. And periodontal disease in dogs is caused by tartar buildup on their teeth.

Just like people, dogs get tartar buildup when their teeth are not cleaned regularly. Brushing dog teeth does not take very long, and you should do it regularly to remove food from your dog’s teeth.

Dog dental treats can help keep your dogs teeth clean.Greenies Dental treats for dogs
can help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

Dog Dental Care Advantages

Just like humans, dogs need adequate dental care and maintenance of their teeth and gums. If you fail to provide this, your Weimaraner will be prone to:

• dog bad breath
• dental infections
• gingivitis
• loss of teeth
• jawbone damage

When you introduce dental care for dogs while your pet is still young, he will get used to routine dental activities such as dog tooth brushing.

Annual checkups with your vet are also a must to maintain your dog’s dental health. If you do this, you are actually helping your dog live a longer and healthier life.

Dog Dental Treats for your Weimaraner

Whether you are having a hard time brushing your dog’s teeth or you are trying to find something to help keep your dog’s teeth clean, dental dog treats will do the trick.

Dog dental treats are not just chewing buddies for your dog. They actually help promote your dog’s dental health by chipping off tartar buildup, and preventing dog bad breath and periodontal disease.

There are a number of dental dog treats on the market. perhaps the most popular are GREENIES Dental Chews and Zukes Z-Bone Dental Chew Bones.

GREENIES Dental Chews are edible dog treats which are nutritious and easy to digest. They also contain antioxidants to develop your dog’s immune system.

There are soft dental chews for little dogs and harder chews for larger ones. Hard dental chews are perfect for your Weimaraner. Feeding the correct size of Greenies is also important. For your Weimaraner, the large size is ideal.

Zuke’s Z-Bones are edible dental chew bones which are highly digestible and have natural sources of breath- fresheners, including chlorophyll, known to be a good odor eliminator. They come in various flavors and sizes. The large size is just right for your Weimaraner.

Non-edible Dog Dental Treats

In addition to edible dog dental treats, there are also non-edible dog treats for your dogs–like dental rope chew toys which act as teeth flossers and the  KONG Dental Dog Toy for a great gum and teeth workout.

Dog dental treats and toys help strengthen the jaw muscles of your Weimaraner and massage his gums.

Dental treats and toys are important, because  when your dog’s mouth is healthy, his whole body will be healthier and you will be extending his life.

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